Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower

The Cooling Tower is meant to be used together with the Refinery. The Refinery outputs gas liquids and the Cooling Tower cools them down intro regular usable liquids.


The Cooling Tower is a 3x5x3 hollow structure with 3 valves.

  1. The base of the structure is an Cooling Tower valve surrounded with Cooling Tower walls.

    Cooling Tower Step 1

  2. Next add a layer of Cooling Tower walls, keeping the center hollow.

    Cooling Tower Step 2

  3. Add a valve on one side of the next layer. The side the valve is on doesn't matter; it can be on any side you want it to be.

    Cooling Tower Step 3

  4. Finish that layer with more walls, hollow centre.

    Cooling Tower Step 4

  5. Add another hollow layer of Cooling Tower walls.

    Cooling Tower Step 5

  6. Add another layer of a Cooling Tower valve surrounded by Cooling Tower walls.

    Cooling Tower Step 6


Cooling Tower GUI


The Cooling Tower has 3 valves but unlike the Refinery each one has a specific function and there function is not interchangeable.


The Cooling Tower accepts multiple upgrades but only 4 can be installed at a time (the previous tier op upgrade does not have to be installed for an upgrade to work. Speed II will work without Speed I installed for example. Upgrades of the same type stack but not 2 the same upgrades can be installed).

To install an upgrade, shift-click on the cooling with the upgrade in your hand to remove an upgrade shift-LEFT-click on the Cooling Tower.

You can see what upgrades are installed in a Cooling Tower by shift-right clicking on any Cooling Tower block (or by looking at it with WAILA installed):

There are also some upgrades that cannot be applied to the Cooling Tower itself but are installed on the valves: