Kinetic Energy Buffers


The Kinetic Energy Buffers store energy in block form. There are 3 tiers of buffers: tier 1 is a single block and the other 2 are multiblocks. All KEB's input and output settings can be configured using the Machine Configurator.

They all have a self-destruct option but only the owner of the KEB (the one who built it) can trigger it. To make the KEB explode press the big red button in the GUI twice. After you pressed it once, the button will start flashing to indicate that the next click on the button will make it explode. If you clicked the button once by accident and don't want to activate the self-destruct just close the GUI to cancel.

Kinetic Energy Buffer

Kinetic Energy Buffer

The first and smallest KEB. It can store 3.000.000 RF and can be picked up by shift-clicking it with a wrench. It will retain it energy if picked up this way.

Large Kinetic Energy Buffer

Large Kinetic Energy Buffer
The second tier of KEB. It is a 2x2x2 multiblock that can store up to 25.000.000 RF.

To make form the multiblock just place the blocks in a 2x2x2 cube and wait a few seconds for the structure to form. Due to its size it cannot be picked up so if any of the blocks is broken the stored energy is lost.

The unformed structure:

Large Kinetic Energy Buffer Unformed

Advanced Kinetic Energy Buffer

Advanced Kinetic Energy Buffer

The top tier KEB capable of storing 100.000.000RF. This multiblocks is a bit larger: a full 3x3x3 cube. The bottom and top layers are a 3x3 cube made out of "Advanced Kinetic Energy Buffer Plating" blocks:

Advanced KEB top and bottom

The middle layer is a "Advanced Kinetic Energy Buffer Core" block surrounded by the plating blocks:

Advanced KEB middle

The structure just before it forms (It can take a few seconds):

Advanced KEB unformed



The GUI is simple, A big red self-destruct button in the middle and around that the indicator of how much energy is stored. If you hover above the indicator it will tell you exactly how much is stored.