The Refinery is a multiblock meant to be used together along with the Cooling Tower. The Refinery fetches is recipes from the BC Refinery recipe registry but other recipes could be added at well (from code or by using the Minetweaker integration).

By default it makes the BC Refinery uncraftable in favour of using this one, this can be altered in the config.


The Refinery is a hollow 9x3x3 structure.

  1. The base is made out of "Refinery Plating" blocks with a valve on top of the middle ones of the short sides.

    Refinery Step 1

  2. Fill in the second layer with more plating blocks but keep the center hollow.

    Refinery Step 2

  3. On top of that goes another layer of plating blocks, once those are in place the multiblock will form in a few seconds.

    Refinery Step 3


Refinery GUI
The GUI show the current temperature, what temperature it needs to reach (if it has a fluid to process) and how much power it is using. The bottom indicator shows current heat vs required heat.


The Refinery has 2 valves, both can be used for input and output, it will always put fluid in the input tank and draw from the output tank. Only liquids that can be processed will be allowed to enter the input tank.

To work it needs heat; to generate heat it needs power, that can be provided from any block (except the valves).

Refining is a 2 step process, the Refinery will always output a gas liquid (unless another mod/MT script added a custom recipe to it, then check NEI) that you have to cool down intro liquid in a Cooling Tower.


The Refinery accepts multiple upgrades but only 4 can be installed at a time (the previous tier upgrade does not have to be installed for an upgrade to work. Upgrades of the same type stack but not 2 the same upgrades can be installed).

To install an upgrade shift-click on the Refinery with the upgrade in your hand, to remove an upgrade shift-LEFT-click on the Refinery.

You can see what upgrades are installed in a Refinery by shift-right clicking on any Refinery block (or by looking at it with WAILA installed).

There are also some upgrades that cannot be applied to the Refinery itself but are installed on the valves.