Gender personnel of the entire world, combine!

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Summer plans

I’ve been very quiet, no mod releases, no blog posts and little to no tweets. Time to fix that.

I’ve been extremely busy with school, it’s my final year of highschool so lots of projects and large tasks had to be made. My exams are also starting so that is taking up most of my time.

As a result i didn’t have enough time to do modding, the 1.8 and 1.9 version introduced so much changes i couldn’t keep up with it due to my schoolwork and other real life things. Things are starting to calm down, i still have my exams but afterwards i should have 3 free months (minus a summer job i might do). This however doesn’t mean i’m jumping back into modding. I’ve been out of it for to long so i would need to learn all the new rendering and capability systems. I’m not sure i will do that as i also have a new project.

The project has no name yet but it’s a vertical srolling¬†space shooter. I’m making it in java, so far not to much to show on it yet as it’s very much WIP, trying to get some frameworks in place to make the actual game. Sugestions for content and a name are welcome.


I made a new mod: ChunkLoaderZ!


This mod is made for minecraft 1.8 (yes 1.8, not 1.7.10) and as the name indidcates it is for chunkloading. All information can be found here (



While making this mod i learned alot about how modding in 1.8 works and while there are annoying things it is absolutely doable. It even makes some things like multiblocks easier!

BCA docs complete

I’m glad to say all BCA docs are complete and uploaded now, been quite alot of work but it’s all documentated again. The docs are not user editable atm but if you have sugestion improvments or corrections for the wiki feel free to mail those to me at aenterprise[at]aenterprise[dot]info (putting the email like that for those nasty bots looking for emails to spam on the internet)

Welcome to my new site

Welcome to the new site, the old BCA site has been down for a while now and i’m sorry for that but now i have a new site not just for BCA. you’ll find info on my other mods (eureka and kinetic revolution) here as well.


The apearence of the site and wiki’s will probably change a few times and not all info is on the wiki yet. Also there is no public wiki link here yet because there isn’t realy much to see yet but i hope to have a full wiki up soon